We're a Branding Company that believes in the power of visual to achieve marketing goals.

We help the most ambitious teams shape unique ideas into memorable communications. We take care of every detail of the design process and work so close to our customers that we become strategic partners.

We're flexible. We know that to build the brands of the future, we must grow and learn constantly. This is our strategy to adapt to new scenarios and anticipate market changes: smart brands always win in times of transformation.

Oficinas de VEO

What We Do


We build visual universes that represent the spirit and the value proposition of each brand.


We design unique identity systems so that each brand is recognized in all its channels clearly and consistently.


We enhance the reach and awareness of brands in an ever-changing global scenario.


We create powerful visuals, experiences, and communications for multiple platforms and markets.


We think of new ways to connect brands with their audiences.

Digital Publishing
& Data Design

We simplify complex data and insights and turn them into compelling visuals that are easy to consume and share.

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Rosalia Guardatti


Co-founder & Strategy Director

Lucia Litardo


Co-founder & Art Director


Lucía and Rosalía met while working at an advertising agency and discovered that they made a great duo. The idea of transforming that dynamic into an independent project became a reality when they founded VEO in 2010.

They created a boutique agency and focused from the start on working with global brands and technology-based startups. This  allowed them to always remain at the forefront of industry trends and innovation.

For the last ten years, together with everyone in the team, they have been putting their vision into action. Always challenging themselves so that every project benefits from an integral approach and carries their distinctive hallmark.

That's how VEO was born, a Branding Company that reinvents itself year after year.

Work locally. Get Global

Based in Buenos Aires, we build brands and campaigns for Latin American, US, and European markets. Clients who trust us:

Latin America
  • Mercado Libre
  • Mercado Libre Publicidad
  • Mercado Pago
  • Mercado Envíos
  • Mercado Shops
US & Europe
  • Eve Sleep
  • Vitl
  • Jean Patrique
  • Boomf
  • MicroSalt
  • SaltMe!
  • Springwall
  • Royal Canin
  • Starbucks
  • Simones
  • Grupo MSA
  • Despegar

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